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Ch. Lakota N Brickett's From Start To Finish

GCh. Lakota's Transcendence CGC CGCA TKN ATT  X  GypsyRose-Legato Sharing Is Caring At Chaselyn


Our Barbie
is a beautiful Luke daughter
paired with the fabulous Misha .
She was finished by Jessica Legath (Brickett)
- She represents the years we have worked to preserve and improve our breed. Barbie is named after

Barbara Brickett

(RIP Barb) who gave me my first foundation bitch, well over 30  years ago.

Barbie is home now
I am ver
y proud of both her and Jessica.

Now comes my opportunity to try and put her Grand on her-

Thank You Jess for all you do!

Captial City Cocker Club 
4pt majo
r to finish
WB/BOW-BOS Over Specials
Also Best in Sweeps that day

Thank you judge: Mrs. Rachal McKee Sager

CAER- 03/24
PRA- Clear by Parentage


Barbie attended ASC as a 10 Mo old Special
She got a good Look and made the cut
A few weeks later At the
Keystone Cocker Club
she went BOS over multiple Specials for a 5pt major towards her Grand


3pt major
Thank you judge: Richard Powell


(actually Best opposite sex over special)
4pt major
Thank you judge: Barbara Shaw

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