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If you are looking for a puppy for your family here are some facts:


Purebred Preservation Breeders or Breeder of Merit:

These breeders devote their lives to the health, wellness, and preservation of the purebred dog. These people may breed 1-2 litters a year. Tens of thousands of dollars are individually spent on health testing, wellness checks, premium nutrition, training, showing, and animal husbandry. These breeders are heavily involved with making sure the pet puppy buyer has a healthy animal to share their life with. They sell their puppies after investigating and interviewing the puppy buyer to make sure the home is safe and sufficient. The well-being of the puppy and their adult dogs are always #1. You will find these breeders active with the AKC (American Kennel Club) and other "Breed" Clubs.

The Puppy Mill:

Typically, breeders of multiple breeds, sometimes up to 10-20 breeds. They are Pet dealers who import, buy, sell, trade or transport pets in wholesale channels, but can be Pet breeders who breed for the wholesale trade, whether for selling animals to other production breeders or selling to brokers or directly to pet stores or laboratories. The dogs live, eat, defecate, sleep, and breed in typically the same cage...never seeing the light of day. A breeder who produces puppies with no breeding program, little attention to puppy placement, and poor health and socialization practices. Conditions in puppy mills are generally substandard and may be deplorable, and puppies and adult dogs may be malnourished, sickly, and of poor temperament. Over 87% of the puppies sold typically will end up with severe health issues, or placed in shelters with severe temperament or aggression issues. Clearly a significant different breeder than the breeder of Merit. The Mill breeders have one purpose, and that is for a financial gain.

Anti-Breeder Rescue/Shelters:

Base their opinions of all breeders off the "Puppy Mill" Breeder. Typically employ volunteers or people who do not hold sufficient knowledge to differentiate one from another. Many places are "For Profit" but market themselves as "non-profit" and use the sad cases for donations. Due to lack of knowledge, many dogs are rescued and turned back in for temperament sometimes upwards of 7 times, where the shelter can at times gain close to $3,000 dollars per animal. They are the ones that have the publics’ attention and will compare an inner-city Pit Fighter Breeder to the Breeder of Merit as being the same due to their own fears, and severe lack of knowledge. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME. The average age of a "for profit" Shelter employee is 19 years of age without a certification in temperament testing or training...that is correct these are the same people making the decision whether a pet is adoptable to the public and do not have the proper training or certifications. As an example: they will adopt dogs out as a Lab Mix knowing a dog is a Pitbull with severe issues. You must be careful here because you never know what breed or temperament you are actually getting. Sad fact is sometimes what you pay in training, vet bills, and even law suits...could have gotten your family a healthy purebred of your choice five times over!

*So the next time you go to acquire a puppy remember this post. A puppy is a big responsibility and knowing all the facts prior to purchase will enable you to make a wiser decision.


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